integrity commission conducting expedited investigation into kincardine councillors conduct
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Integrity Commission conducting expedited investigation into Kincardine Councillor’s conduct

Kincardine’s Mayor says an expedited investigation is underway by the Integrity Commissioner, following derogatory remarks made by a councillor directed at another member during the televised meeting.

The remarks from Councillor Dave Cuyler seemed to be directed at a female councillor he was sparring with, although Cuyler released a statement claiming he was calling himself the name, usually directed toward women.

Mayhor Gerry Glover says the investigation is in the preliminary stages, and once an investigative review is complete, the facts associated with the April 4th meeting will be presented at an open meeting of council.

The Municipal Act includes a Code of Conduct that includes expectations for a councillors’ respectful decorum and serves as a reference guide on ethical behavior.

Upon hearing the report, Council may impose one of two penalties upon a member of Council:

That means if an investigation finds Councillor Dave Cuyler violated the act, he would face either a reprimand, or suspension of pay for 90 days.
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