dog park for listowel a not too distant reality
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Dog park for Listowel a not-too-distant reality

North Perth Council is moving ahead with plans to eventually bring a dog park to Listowel.

Manager of Facilities, Jeff Newell, says the municipality has officially settled on a site for the dog park.

“The location would be north of the Steve Kerr Memorial Arena, which would provide parking for the site, and then there would be access by the local trail to the fenced in location.”

Newell says the cost of the project is maybe a bit higher than residents would assume, with plenty of work to do to turn the area next to the arena into a suitable dog park.

“I think it would be in the neighbourhood of $70,000. I think a lot more needs to go into the design of it, whether that be dog waste containers, apparatuses for dogs to run through, tree planting, there’s a lot that would need to happen.”

In terms of a timeline for completion or even getting started, Newell says getting a fundraising campaign off the ground has to happen first.

“It will depend on the kind of response we get from the fundraising campaign, and now that we have the site location, we need to get a group of volunteers together to start working on that fundraising.”

When the fundraising committee is in place, Newell says the municipality will get information out quickly to the public.

“What we’ll do is once the fundraising committee gets in place and comes up with a plan on how they’re going to get funding for the project, there would be information that would come out through our social media channels, and local media, on how and where people can donate to the project.”
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