work on bayfield main street ready to start
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Work on Bayfield main street ready to start

Bayfield ward councillor, Bill Whetstone, says the scheduling for the revitalization of the main street in Bayfield has been done in such a way that any disruption should be minimal.

There is also a communication plan in place.

“A committee has got together and put forward, which was approved at council, a communication plan and the intent of that communication plan is to make sure that everyone is aware of the steps and stages on a weekly or biweekly basis if what’s happening to the main street when we’re going through construction down there.”

Whetstone says updates will be posted on the Municipality of Bluewater website, but people will also be able to get an automatic update.

“There’ll be a subscription, basically, where you can sign up and that’ll be posted and then the email will come directly to you. The intent of that is to limit the amount of questions so everyone has a good understanding of the schedule, what to expect week to week and to make sure that things are going accordingly.”

Whetstone adds he doesn’t anticipate any serious interruptions because the work is being done block by block and section by section.

Parking will be available at Pioneer Park at the south end of the main street or Clan Gregor Square at the north end.

The re-vitalization of the main street in Bayfield is scheduled to begin later this spring.
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