opp report 10 year high in speeding related deaths
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OPP report 10-year high in speeding related deaths

Provincial police are once again pointing out the danger of speeding and aggressive driving as they report a 10-year high in the number of traffic deaths related to fast driving.

Figures released by the Ontario Provincial Police on Wednesday show there were 81 people killed in collisions in which speed was a factor last year, an increase of 31 per cent from 2020. The figures relate to incidents on roads that are patrolled by the OPP.

“A total of 315 people died on roads last year, up three per cent over 2020,” police said.

According to the OPP, the number of fatalities in collisions in which inattentive drivers were a factor (58) was up by 29 per cent in 2021 compared to 2020. The number of deaths related to improper or lack of seatbelt use was down by 16 per cent.

If there is a silver lining in the statistics, it’s that the number of deaths in collisions caused by a driver’s decision to drive while intoxicated by drugs or alcohol was cut nearly in half, from 57 in 2020 to 31 in 2021.

“Collisions involving commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) were also up, with 7,215 crashes marking a 17 per cent increase,” police said. “The OPP also saw a 26 per cent increase in CMV collisions that resulted in fatalities in 2021, with 72 people losing their lives in these crashes.”

The OPP says 35 people lost their lives in motorcycles crashes last year, a 17 per cent decrease from the previous year.

Overall, OPP officers responded to 60,544 collisions. That represents an increase of eight per cent compared to 2020.

“The OPP is reminding Ontarians that everyone has a role to play in reducing the number of traffic-related fatalities and serious injuries. Whether you are driving a car, off-road vehicle or paddling in a canoe, always operate your vehicle/vessel safely, always wear your seatbelt when you hit the road, your lifejacket on the water and your helmet while off-roading,” the OPP said.
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