local opp detachment sharing statistics with municipalities
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Local OPP detachment sharing statistics with municipalities

The South Bruce OPP is making the rounds to local councils in the communities it serves with information regarding annual statistics.

A report to Kincardine this week showed there were over 2,100 calls for service, and over 2,900 traffic stops conducted.

The top calls were:

-218 calls for motor vehicle collisions

-157 calls for public assistance

– 135 calls for false alarms or property related

-125 calls for suspicious persons

-100 calls for mental health

-90 calls for domestic disturbances

-82 for family disputes

-80 calls for theft under $5,000

-78 calls for suspicious vehicles

-69 calls for noise complaints.

Also, numbers of serious crimes fluctuated from 2020 between January to December in 2021:

-254 property crimes reported (down 1,6% from previous year)

-79 violent crimes reported (up 6.8% from previous year)

-12 drug crimes reported (up 33.3% from previous year)
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