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Huron Bruce MPP ensuring smooth transition for residents of closing retirement home

The MPP for Huron Bruce is working with all parties involved to help ensure a smooth transition for residents of the soon to close Malcolm Place Retirement home in Kincardine.

Lisa Thompson said she has been speaking with the Mayor, the owners of the facility, and families of residents.

“We’re working very closely with the Ministry of Seniors and Accessibility to ensure that the transition happens as smoothly as possible,” she said.

Thompson says the province does not have jurisdiction over the ownership of retirement homes. But she says the province provided extra funding to help those homes throughout the pandemic.

“Our government was very much supportive along the way through the pandemic in terms of ensuring that seniors retirement homes received dollars as well to adapt and be proactive in caring for their residents,” she added.

“My understanding is that residence wasn’t completely full. All I care about now is that there is a respectable transition for the residents of Malcolm Place,” she concluded.

The owners of Malcolm Place said losses brought on by the pandemic forced them to close the retirement home on Durham Street. All services to residents end June 8th, 2022.

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