ottawa protest organizer lich granted bail
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Ottawa protest organizer Lich granted bail

One of the ringleaders of the massive trucker protests that crippled downtown Ottawa has been granted bail.

In an Ottawa courtroom Monday, a judge granted bail to Tamara Lich, reversing a decision made by another judge.

The Globe and Mail reported that Lich, who has no criminal record, will be released immediately on a $20,000 bond after locating a reliable surety. The surety can not be named due to a publication ban.

In the decision Monday, Justice John Johnston it is not likely that Lich would face a lengthy prison sentence if convicted on charges of mischief and interfering with the lawful use of a property. Johnston also said that the previous judge who presided over the bail hearing did not consider that, resulting in an error of law.

Lich operated the GoFundMe page that was attached to the trucker protests, which disrupted business in Ottawa for three weeks to call an end to COVID-19 mask and vaccine mandates. After multiple complaints about noise, diesel fumes, protestors intimidating residents and vandalizing property, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau involved the Emergencies Act for the first time in its existence, allowing law enforcement additional powers to clear protestors out.

Under terms of her bail, Lich must leave the province of Ontario immediately and stay at her home in Alberta. She is not allowed contact with other protest organizers, to participate in any protest, or post on any social media accounts. She may not allow anyone to post on social media on her behalf.

Two other protest organizers, Pat King and Tyson George Billings, were previously denied bail. Another organizer, Chris Barber, was granted bail on conditions of leaving Ottawa immediately and not supporting trucker protests in any way.
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