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More aid to flow from Canada to Ukraine

G7 nations, including Canada, are looking at more punitive measures against Russia as the invasion of Ukraine continues.

Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister, Chrystia Freeland, was joined two colleagues on Tuesday to update the situation.

That included the Minister of National Defence, Anita Anand, and the Minister for International Development, Harjit Sajjan.

“The free world is united in our conviction that his brutal assault on democracy, on the rules based international order, and on the people of Ukraine cannot be allowed to succeed. And we are united in our support for brave Ukraine,” stated Freeland.

More aid is expected to flow from Canada including more than $100 million in food, medical supplies, water and more ammunition.

Harjit Sajan says Canada will stand with other G7 nations.

“The decisions we make today and over the coming weeks and months will not only determine how we will be remembered by history, but they will fundamentally shape the world for our children and our grand children.”

Canada has also started move on the finances of Russian oligarchs with assets and holdings in Canada.
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