landscape development project starting in grey and bruce
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Landscape development project starting in Grey and Bruce

A new two year project will take a look at landscape and development in Grey and Bruce.

The Greenbelt Foundation has awarded The Sustainability Project a grant to carry out the work. The Sustainability Project is a non-profit group that has worked on local projects since 2010.

The newest endeavour will examine aspects of land use change and landscape resilience in urban and rural neighbourhoods through a changing climate.

The first phase will be to gather a network of people to create a community vision of what the residents of Grey and Bruce counties want the region to look like in the future. That will include identifying a number of functions of the landscape including ecological, social, economic, and cultural services.

“Starting today, we are looking to build networks with local leaders who have lived experience in regeneration,” says Leigh Grigg of The Sustainability Project. “We are relying on individuals who have skills that they can share, pilot projects they’d like to shine a light on, or have businesses that offer regeneration services. We are also seeking out educators who are comfortable speaking about regeneration in all its aspects.”

The second phase of the project will aim to make the vision workable in the region.

Those interested can contact the project coordinator at
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