grey bruce health unit revises workplace covid 19 vaccination policies
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Grey Bruce Health Unit revises workplace COVID-19 vaccination policies

The Grey Bruce Health Unit is modifying recommendations to employers in Grey-Bruce related to COVID-19 vaccine policies. Medical Officer of Health Dr. Ian Arra said disease transmission is still high, but is steadily decreasing at this time.

Dr. Arra added with the province’s removal of proof of vaccination requirements for patrons in non-essential service settings as of March 1, there would be incongruity for workplace policies in such settings continuing to require two-dose vaccination.

He suggested non-high risk settings continue to encourage and support vaccination and boosters, but says the health unit will not be continuing to recommend that all workplaces universally have a vaccination policy at this time.

He added vaccine recommendations were made in response to the Delta wave, when two-dose vaccination was much more effective against disease acquisition and transmission. But he said with the Omicron wave, a third dose would be necessary to achieve some degree of protection against disease acquisition and transmission. So he says that impacts the idea of requiring two doses in non-high risk settings .

He noted that workplaces should consider their risk of transmission and medical vulnerability of employees and clients, and also that they be aware that circumstances may change and, as such, our recommendations may also change (such as with a significant resurgence of the Omicron wave, or with a new VOC).

It’s important for employers to consult their legal counsel on composing their own policies. The Grey Bruce Health Unit does not provide legal opinion.
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