huron countys immigration partnership seeks volunteers
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Huron County’s Immigration Partnership seeks volunteers

Huron County’s Immigration Partnership is looking for volunteers to mentor new Canadians and temporary foreign workers as they settle in Huron and Perth Counties.

Immigration Coordinator, Kristin Crane explained, they’ve partnered with some of the coaches with the Gateway Centre of Excellence in Rural Health to develop a program that enhances people’s skills.

“We’ve developed a program that enhances people’s skills to make connections with people, teach them about community resources and build off of people’s strengths so that they can participate in their communities and build more networks and social connections,” she said

Crane says they’re looking for people, who are immigrants themselves or have experience supporting family members when they move to Canada, to take the training, which take about eight hours and then work with community organizations to help deliver social programs in the future. She says the goal of the program is to build more social connections and build more programming options that are relevant for new comers to Canada.

Crane adds, they will also build enough flexibility into the program to allow social connectors who enjoy a one on one basis to do that.

“However, if there is something that they really enjoy doing, like a craft or an activity, and there’s others in their community or the area that also want to join in and do something like that, then maybe it would be leading programming like cooking or crafts,” she added

Crane says the program is designed to give people the opportunity to use the strengths they have. More information about the program and how to volunteer can be found on the Huron County Connects web site.

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