santa cleared for air travel in canada
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Santa cleared for air travel in Canada

He faced a couple more hurdles this year, as we all have, but Santa Claus is cleared to fly in Canadian airspace.

Before taking off, the Jolly Old Elf had to get a PCR test to ensure he did not have COVID-19. Since he’ll be climbing down chimneys and squeezing through keyholes at homes across the country, Santa wanted to make sure the only things he brings to Canadian children this year are toys, goodies, and Christmas cheer.

Although Santa lives at the North Pole, which is located in Canada, he will need to re-enter the country once he is done delivering toys to all the boys and girls around the world.

Like all air travellers in Canada, Santa had to get both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine and download the ArriveCAN app.

Transport Minister Omar Alghabra clearing Santa for air travel. (Photo courtesy of Transport Canada)

“This year, I’m delighted to clear Santa and his crew for travel in Canadian skies,” said Transport Minister Omar Alghabra. “When I spoke to Santa, he assured me that he met all the pre-entry requirements to re-enter Canada and that he was committed to ensuring his safety, the safety of Canadians, and all our transportation workers.”

Alghagbra also caught the moment he cleared Santa for travel on camera.

Transport Canada inspected Santa’s sleigh earlier this month and its safety systems. The landing gear and the reindeer harness were checked, along with the communications and navigation systems. The inspectors even checked Santa’s gift bag full of presents to ensure it is secure and ready.
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