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Canadian Coast Guard stations in Midwestern Ontario close for winter

The Canadian Coast Guard’s seasonally operated search and rescue stations on the Great Lakes, and Georgian Bay are closing for the season.

Today, the stations in Tobermory, Goderich, and Meaford were shut down for winter, and will reopen in April 2022.

Rescue boats are designed for open-water use and cannot be operated in ice. Winter search and rescue operations are carried out by both the Canadian and United States Coast Guards using icebreakers and other available vessels in the area, if required. Aircraft from the Department of National Defence and the United States Coast Guard are also involved in search and rescue operations, as necessary.

Marine emergencies can be reported 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, Toll-free (within Canada) at 1-800-267-7270 or via marine VHF radio – channel 16.
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