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Jim Aitcheson re-acclaimed as Perth County Warden

Jim Aitcheson has been re-acclaimed as the Warden for Perth County.

At an election held prior to the county council meeting today (December 2nd), Aitcheson, the Deputy Mayor in Perth South, was selected to serve his third consecutive term as Warden in Perth County. He will serve the term for one year. Rhonda Ehgoetz, Mayor of the Township of Perth East, was also acclaimed for a third term serving as Deputy Warden.

2022 will mark the end of a four-year term for municipal councils, with municipal elections occurring in the fall of next year. Perth County Council is comprised of council representatives from each of the four lower-tier municipalities, which are the Municipality of North Perth, the Township of Perth South, the Township of Perth East and the Municipality of West Perth.

For more information about County Council, visit: www.perthcounty.ca/council

“I am grateful to the confidence our Council continues to place in me as I fulfil the role of Warden.” says Aitcheson. “County Council continues to work hard to deliver service excellence to the people of Perth County. 2022 is gearing up to be an extremely busy year as well. The County’s New Official Plan project will be ramping up with new staff on board to help manage the project. I am excited to continue working with members of County Council and the staff at Perth County in this role.”

“I am thankful for Council’s support of me in my role of Deputy Warden,” adds Ehgoetz. “I look forward to another term working alongside Jim, the other members of County Council together with staff to continue fulfilling our goals in the Strategic Plan.”
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