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Winter sports clubs in West Grey receive “large, anonymous donation”

West Grey Minor Hockey and the Durham Skating Club are the recipients of a large donation, with the anonymous donor asking that the funds be dispersed to each family as part of registration fees.

West Grey’s Executive Board notified families last week that the funds “will be dispersed to each family as part of registration fees for the 2021/2022 year”, noting they would be in touch with each family “as to the logistics of getting these payments to you”.

West Grey Minor Hockey President Jeff Marshall tells CKNX “(the donor) wanted it towards registration fees for this year. Along with COVID-19 and everything else going, I think they had some money that they wanted to support West Grey, and keep everything we have going good, and to help out as a way to keep everybody interested in playing”.

Marshall says the donor “strictly wanted it to go towards registration. I think they wanted it so it kept kids coming back, and this is a great opportunity to help out this year, and maybe even years going forward”.

The Durham Skating Club’s Facebook Group said they “cannot express the extent of our appreciation. Our skaters and families are beyond grateful. Such generosity during this time of the year, and especially after the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on youth sports, will not be forgotten”.
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