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Perth County updates aerial imagery

Perth County has launched newly updated aerial imagery. The Southwestern Ontario Orthophotography images or “SWOOP” imagery, offers high resolution digital photos taken every 5 years by the Province of Ontario’s Land Information Division.

These specialized aerial images are not only high resolution, but they also are georeferenced so they can be layered as a base map in the County’s interactive GIS map

The map can show the road network, zoning, parcel and other important map layers. The files are received by the County and stitched together by the GIS team to form the updated base map.

The photos are captured across Southwestern Ontario in early spring (April-May) when snow cover has melted and the leaf canopy has not yet grown in.

“GIS technology is an important tool used Perth County’s operations.” said Jim Aitcheson, Warden of Perth County. “It is great timing to be able to celebrate the launch of the SWOOP imagery in celebration of GIS Day.”

“This imagery is an important layer in our interactive GIS mapping.” said Gary White, GIS Coordinator for Perth County. “The updated visual data provided through SWOOP imagery informs a variety of work we do at Perth County from Emergency Management to Planning and Development to Infrastructure and Asset Management.”

To view the interactive GIS Map including new SWOOP layers, visit: www.perthcounty.ca/GIS and click on the Interactive Map.
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