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Bruce County installs another Electric Vehicle charging station

Bruce County has installed a new Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station at the Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre, at 33 Victoria Street in Southampton, Ontario. The County says its part of its commitment to a clean energy future.

“Electric vehicle drivers can enjoy all that the Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre has to offer, while confidently recharging right here at the Museum,” said Cathy McGirr, Director of Museum and Cultural Services, “Southampton’s unique downtown shops and services are also just a block away!”

This latest EV charging station is the third that Bruce County has installed at its facilities, with more planned for the future. Bruce County is now collaborating with other Mid-Western Ontario counties and cities to develop a “401 to Lake Huron Regional EV Charging Network” plan, which will improve EV charging options for residents and visitors.

“Pursuing clean energy opportunities will help our region move towards a more carbon neutral and environmentally sustainable future,” said Bruce County Warden Janice Jackson, “There is so much to explore in Bruce County. Creating opportunities for visitors to recharge their electric vehicles at key sites of interest is a real game changer.”

Since the 2018 installation of the first EV charger at the Bruce County Administration Centre in Walkerton, more than 7,250 kg of greenhouse gas emissions have been avoided. That’s the equivalent to planting 193 trees and letting them grow for 10 years.

The third EV charging station is at the County’s Peninsula Hub at 268 Bedford Street, in Wiarton.
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