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Local public health inspector says masks are still a necessity

A Public Health Inspector with Huron Perth Public Health is reminding people that protocols around wearing masks haven’t changed.

Patrick Landry says it’s tempting to relax some of those protocols after a few days of good numbers.

“Masks are still to be worn whenever you’re indoors or inside of a public setting and outdoors whenever physical distancing of two metres can’t be maintained and this includes all outdoor public events, such as parades or memorial events.”

Landry points out there are situations where it is acceptable to go without a mask.

“If you’re outdoors and you can maintain that physical distancing, then, by all means, you can remove your mask, but whenever that physical distancing becomes a problem, or is questionable, you should definitely wearing your mask. If in doubt, just put it on.”

Landry concedes, it appears there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but we still don’t know how far away it is.
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