bluewater planning upgrades for local council chambers
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Bluewater planning upgrades for local council chambers

Bluewater councillors were brought up to date at last night’s meeting on plans to install new audio-video equipment in the council chambers.

Mayor, Paul Klopp, explains they want to be able to have in-person meetings or hybrid meetings if weather, or anything else is preventing a councillor from getting to the meeting and, he says, that will mean some significant update to the equipment that’s there now.

“So getting our proper controls for video and our voice and they’re working on that yet. They’re going to put an RFP out, I believe, looking for companies to bid.”

Klopp says bad weather could prevent one or two councillors from getting to a meeting, or could force the cancellation of a meeting, but there could be other reasons, as well, for a councillor to be unable to get to a meeting.

“The goal will be to have any councillor who wishes to come, to be there, but if they can’t, this audio-visual plan that they’re putting together will make it seem really seamless and for the public that is there or if they’re listening in on Zoom or Youtube.”

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