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Central Huron mayor confident work in Clinton will be done soon

Central Huron Mayor Jim Ginn says he’s optimistic the construction on the main street in Clinton can be completed by November 25th.

Ginn toured the site on Friday.

Work on the sidewalks was wrapping up.

“There’s still work on the street portion of it to be done, but when they get that finished, paving is a very quick process. They can get that done in a few hours,” said Ginn.

“There’ve been a few holdups. We’ve had a lot of rain, obviously, this year and we did have an incident with a Bell cable that shut down work for a period of time,” added Ginn. “A fibre optic cable to repair and encase, so that held us up a little bit too. But not anything totally unexpected.”

The original target for the completion of the project was the beginning of November.
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