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Sports Notes: Marchant inspires at New York City Marathon

Lanni Marchant made an inspirational return with an 11th-place finish at the 50th New York City Marathon Sunday morning. The 37-year-old Londoner was top Canadian and finished in two hours, 32 minutes, 54 seconds after struggling with injuries and recovering from sepsis since becoming the first Canadian woman to complete the 10,000-metre race and marathon at the Rio Olympics five years ago. “This marathon build has been strange,” Marchant posted on social media before the race. “Life these past (five) years has been beyond hard. The physical scars on my body only reflect a small portion of the emotional scars I’ll carry with me over 42.2 km – but that’s the point of it all, isn’t it? We get hurt, we heal, we scar – but we keep going.” Read More

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