new easy access number unveiled for services by cmha grey bruce
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New easy access number unveiled for services by CMHA Grey Bruce

Canadian Mental Health Association Grey Bruce has unveiled a new single phone number to access all their services.

In a release, the mental health and addictions service announced that all their local programs and services will now be accessible by calling 519-371-3642 or toll free at 1-888-451-CMHA (2642). CMHA Grey Bruce says this one central number will make it far easier and more efficient for clients and community partners to access services and programs.

“When CMHA Grey Bruce, G and B House and HopeGreyBruce Mental Health and Addiction Services merged in 2018, improving access to services was a major goal. All three organizations had their own independent phone systems and cumulatively over 65 different phone numbers. Multiple access points made it confusing for clients.” says CMHA Grey Bruce CEO Clark MacFarlane. “With this new system in place, CMHA Grey Bruce can provide better support to clients by navigating them to the most appropriate service with just one call. Which is a significant improvement to the access to service for those we serve. Feedback from staff and callers has been positive.”

For more on CMHA Grey Bruce and the services and programs they offer, call 519-371-3642 or toll free at 1-888-
451-CMHA (2642).
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