focusing the climate change conversation on lake huron
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Focusing the climate change conversation on Lake Huron

The Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation wants to focus the conversation about climate change on Lake Huron.

Stewardship Technician Alyssa Bourassa says climate change is impacting communities all over the world and there is lots of information available.

But she wants to inform people about its impact on Lake Huron.

“I think people don’t realize what a massive system this is and how the lake can affect people living on the shoreline due to climate change. So we can see increased algae blooms, loss of habitat for cold-blooded fish that depend on ice to protect their eggs,” said Bourassa.

And a community can still impact the lake even if is not right on the shoreline.

“So if we see a heavy rainfall, those nutrients that are making their way down to Lake Huron will affect the water and change what we see on the shoreline,” added Bourassa.

She says there are some simple things people can do.

“Plastic is made from fossil fuels, you can hang-dry clothes, drive less, shop sustainably, use energy-efficient appliances, reduce meat consumption, especially beef, reduce food waste, compost, buy local.”
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