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South Huron committee offers climate change help

South Huron has a committee that is offering people help when it comes to fighting climate change.

The Climate Change Adaptation Committee has released a series of videos.

And Strategic Initiatives Officer Stacey Jeffery says everyone can make changes that will have an impact.

“Sometimes when you think about climate change mitigation and adaptation, it’s often overwhelming, so the video series really helps the community to break down some of the topics and then some of things that they can do in their own homes or businesses,” said Jeffery.

There are a total of six videos, with three already available to be viewed on South Huron’s municipal website.

“One of the things we always say is every small impact does make a difference, so a lot of the information in these videos are a lot of small changes that people can make to have a big impact, both in terms of mitigation as well as adaptation,” added Jeffery.
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