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Advil Cold & Sinus Day/Night Convenience Pack recalled due to labelling error

Health Canada has issued a recall for two lots of Advil Cold & Sinus Day/Night Convenience Pack with labels confusing day and night tablets from each other.

One lot of 18 caplet boxes and one lot of 36 caplet boxes first distributed in July 2021 have been identified with having the foil backing on the blister pack rotated upside down and misaligned.

This issue has caused daytime tablets to be confused as nighttime tablets and vice versa.

An incorrectly daytime labeled tablet as a nighttime tablet can cause drowsiness, posing problems in alertness with driving or operating heavy machinery.

Other potentially serious health consequences can include taking other sedatives or tranquilizers or consuming alcohol.

Daytime tablets are identified as beige with ‘ADVIL COLD & SINUS’ marking in black ink. Nighttime tablets are orange with an ‘Advil A/S’ marking.

Health Canada is currently monitoring the incident and advising those affected to stop using the recalled product and contact a health care professional following any health concerns after using the product.

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