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County happy to stick with current emergency response time targets

Huron County council has decided to maintain the 2021 response time target for paramedics for 2022.

Chief of Emergency Services, Jeff Horseman, explains, county council does have the option to request a change, but only for an improvement.

“In other words we can change the response time percentage to say that we need to be at a certain type of call faster, or on an increased percentage of time. They can’t go backwards though. So county council’s decided that we’re comfortably within the normal response time.”

Horseman also points out that improving a response time in rural Ontario can be difficult.

“Improving on our rural Ontario response time for a county that has relatively lower call volume than urban centres would make it very difficult for us to improve a great deal without adding a bunch of additional resources.”

Horseman says council feels they’re meeting most of the response times now and they’re happy to leave the targets where they are.
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