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Back to school

For the first time since April, students will be back in class today.

Police services across Midwestern Ontario are urging motorists to drive carefully and watch for children. And rules are in place for wearing masks and social distancing.

Some school boards have put extra COVID-19 safety measures in place beyond what was recommended by the province.

Meanwhile bus routes in Huron and Perth are all a go.

Avon Maitland Communications Manager, Chera Longston, says she’s been informed by the board’s Transportation Manager that all routes are covered at this point.

But she adds they are continuing to actively recruit because they need a pool of back-up drivers.

“There have been a few route changes to accommodate any short comings that might occur, so that will be a temporary fix as they do full-on recruitment for additional bus drivers,” said Longston.

Anyone interested in becoming a school bus driver is asked to check out the website at ourschoolbusses.ca.
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