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Elections Canada mailing out voter information cards

By September 10, personalized voter information cards should be mailed to more than 27-million Canadians for the upcoming federal election.

Elections Canada began mailing them out Monday.

In addition to listing your name and address, the card will tell you where to vote.

However, the polling station listed on your card may be different this time.

“Some traditional polling locations are not available during the pandemic,” said the agency in a release.

Other polling stations may change location because of COVID-19.

“Whenever possible, electors assigned to such polling stations will receive another voter information card with the words, ‘Replacement Card’ printed on the bottom right corner,” continued the release.

The federal election will be held on September 20.

Voters will need to show proof of identity and address at the polling station. A of government identification, like a driver’s license or a passport, is acceptable.

Contact the Elections Canada office in your electoral district if you do not receive your card by September 10 or if it contains incorrect information.
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