proposed bylaw to address issues at short term rentals in northern bruce peninsula
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Proposed bylaw to address issues at short-term rentals in Northern Bruce Peninsula

People can find out more about how the municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula plans to address noise complaints cause by visitors during the pandemic.

Two virtual public meetings will allow residents to learn more about the draft Short Term Accommodations Bylaw and the proposed Municipal Accommodation Tax as the community looks for solutions to a growing problem.

A proposed bylaw sets out the terms for property owners to receive a license to offer short term rentals. If a property receives three registered complaints within a single year, or where a registered complaint is not resolved in a satisfactory manner, the License will be immediately revoked. And a new license won’t be granted to the same location for a period of 365 days following the revocation of a license.

Council would become the Licensing Appeal Committee to hear and render decisions regarding the refusal, revocation or suspension of a License, and the imposing of terms and conditions on a License. Annual Licensing fees range from $500. to $1,500. depending on the type of rental. And valid complaints will cost the Licensee a complaint investigation fee of $300.

Northern Bruce Peninsula is also proposing a 4% Municipal Accommodation Tax on each licensee to automatically be applied to the yearly residential tax report. The 4% fee will be applied to accommodations of less than 30 consecutive days including licensed short-term accommodations. As per Council discussion, commercial establishments such as Hotels, Trailer Parks, Hostels and Bed and Breakfasts will be exempt from this by-law.

The municipality reported that concerns have been raised by the community since 2017 in relation to short term rentals including conflict with existing residential uses, noise, safety, parking, environment, zoning, taxation, and enforcement. So staff conducted a review on short term rental accommodations in the Municipality and looked at how other jurisdictions handle the situation.

The public meetings will be held as part of the municipal council meeting at 1 p.m. Monday, using the Zoom platform.  Anyone who attends the meeting will get a chance to comment. Council will vote on the bylaws Sept. 27 and if approved, they would be implemented Jan. 1.
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