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HPPH provides update on vaccination eligibility for the region

Huron Perth Public Health is now offering COVID-19 immunizations to individuals turning 12 in 2021. Individuals born in 2009 or earlier are welcome to attend any clinic, including walk-in clinics.

HPPH is not offering any third doses of COVID-19 vaccine through their clinics at this time, nor are they able to book appointments for a third dose at this time.

Local planning continues for contacting and arranging vaccinations for those eligible for a third dose, but no details have been finalized yet.

The province has announced those most vulnerable, including transplant recipients, patients with hematological cancers, and recipients of an anti-CD20 agent, are eligible for third doses.

“These vulnerable populations have been identified for a third dose because they have a decreased immune response after COVID-19 vaccines compared to the general population,” says Dr. Lauren Hayward, HPPH Physician Consultant. “A third dose for these groups will help to provide sufficient protection based on a suboptimal or waning immune response to vaccines and increased risk of COVID-19 infection. A third dose can help boost immunity in these groups, and keep them safe.”

For the second half of August, HPPH will continue to offer evening hours, walk-in opportunities, and pop-up locations throughout Huron and Perth Counties to make it easier for residents to get their first or second dose.
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