bayfield lions ready to celebrate 75th
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Bayfield Lions ready to celebrate 75th

The Bayfield Lions Club will be celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2022.

To mark the occasion, Lions Club member, Bill Rowatt, says they have several projects planned for the village.

One of the things they want to do is recognize the fishermen of the old, historic Bayfield.

“One of the symbols that would best do that is the signal pole that used to warn fishermen of the weather conditions coming and going out of the harbour. We thought that putting it on one of those little islands in front of the Albion to commemorate that original signal pole,” said Rowatt.

That signal pole was originally erected at Pioneer Park.

The second project is a specially-designed clock tower, also in recognition of the fishing families and that will be placed on the other island in front of the Albion.

“The clock tower would have, embedded into it, a ship’s wheel and within the ship’s wheel will be a clock and I think it’s about 36 inches wide, so it’s fairly prominent. And that would face down Main Street,” added Rowatt.

The projects won’t likely get underway until next year because the main street will be dug up as part of the re-vitalization project.
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