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ABCA gifted fishing tackle receptacle

The Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority has been given a gift from Blue Fish Canada.

ABCA Manager of Stewardship, Land and Education, Kate Monk, explained Blue Fish Canada is a national organization that works in several parts of the country in conjunction with local fishing clubs.

“So they’ve donated a receptacle for discarded fishing tackle and it’s been mounted at Morrison Dam, near the docks, on the south side of the reservoir and they provided that to us at no charge and then a volunteer installed the receptacle for us too,” said Monk.

“Discarded fishing tackle is often found in popular fishing spots and it’s a very dangerous thing for birds and cray fish and turtles and other aquatic life in that they can become entangled in it or they can eat it. So that has a negative impact on that wild life that we want to see thriving in our area,” said Monk.

Monk says they’re hoping if a lot of people use the receptacle, more of them might be installed in other areas.

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