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Local group opposed to gravel pit pleased with discussions with council

A spokesperson for the Friends of Balls Bridge and Little Lakes, who are opposing a proposal to put a gravel pit in their area, says they were very happy with the way Ashfield-Corborne-Wawanosh councillors listened to what they had to say at a recent virtual meeting.

The proposed gravel pit would require a zoning amendment to proceed.

Rebecca Garrett says they really want to work with A-C-W council.

“We really want to work with A-C-W council to try to protect this area. Also the recommendation from the planner, at the end of the meeting, was to not make a decision and we were very happy about that because they want to spend more time reviewing documents.”

Garrett says they realize it’s a very difficult decision for council, but also points out the area is very important to the Little Lakes community.

“It’s very important to us as a community locally, but also people come from all over who really value this place and come back over and over again for recreational use. It has tourist value as well, which translates, it has an economic value.”

Garrett also points out, both the municipality and the county have spent significant amounts of money on restoring Balls Bridge and a gravel pit would be a threat to the whole area.

Once council has gathered more information there will be another public meeting.
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