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Vandals attempt to wreck Artist’s Alley display

Central Huron’s Community Improvement Co-ordinator says there was some vandalism in Artists Alley in Clinton earlier this week.

Angela Smith says, fortunately the art itself is still fine.

“Thankfully, the art itself is fine, but we have had some vandalism in the Umbrella Sky project. So, Umbrella Alley was missing about a dozen umbrellas earlier this week. We have fixed it, it’s been restored, so it still looks terrific.”

Smith adds, they do have video surveillance of the vandals.

“We do have video surveillance of the vandals, so I hope that we are able to put this behind us and not have any other incidents throughout the summer.”

Smith also points out the fact that they have over 150 pieces of art in the back alleys of both sides of the main street and only a few umbrellas have been taken, which says a lot about the community.
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