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Council denies OPP request for office/washroom space in local fire hall

South Huron council voted against a request from the OPP for office space and washroom access in the Exeter fire hall.

South Huron Mayor, George Finch says a similar request was made to North Huron for space in Wingham.

Finch says the challenge with that is that the OPP chose to close the police station in Exeter and Wingham.

“The challenge with that is the OPP chose to close the police station in Exeter and Wingham, which I said was a foolish move and the police stations are now gone and the fire halls are not designed or set up for office space for the OPP. So it’s a slippery slope because we have to protect what the firefighters needs are first.”

Council voted five to one against the request.

“Council voted against that because it’s the responsibility of the OPP to provide facilities for their officers, not the municipality. Chief Superintendent, John Chaney, on November 30th, 2018, said the Exeter and Wingham detachments are no longer required and that they would be opening up two new service offices.”
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