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Ontario Liberals want vaccine certificates and more paid sick leave

Ontario Liberal Leader, Steven Del Duca says with rising cases of COVID-19 expected in September, the government needs to take action immediately to prevent a fourth wave of the pandemic.

Del Duca continues to ask for 10 paid sick days to be accessible for the duration of the pandemic, but says at the very least the Ford Government needs to extend its program offering three paid sick days.

Del Duca said “Ontario Liberals are demanding an extension and expansion of the provincially-funded paid sick leave program, to ensure workers have access to 10 paid sick days. Doug Ford previously killed numerous other pieces of legislation from Ontario Liberals and other opposition MPPs, only to pass his own weak, insufficient program. Now that the program is coming to an end on September 25, it’s crucial that we continue to protect our workers and prevent the spread of COVID-19. With Doug Ford refusing to act, Ontario Liberals are stepping up and standing with Ontario’s workers.”

Del Duca added a vaccine certificate program should be part of the plan as well.

“The vaccine Certificate Program that Ontarians need, in order to make sure that our schools don’t have to close again, that our small businesses can stay open, and we can get back to a new normal,” he said.
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