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Early plans for South Huron Recreation Centre fix

South Huron council is in the very early stages of creating a plan for renovating the South Huron Recreation Centre in Exeter.

South Huron Mayor George Finch says one concept right now is the facility would still have the arena with new change rooms on the west side of the building. The auditorium would be turned into a gymnasium with a walking track around it and above the foyer would be a multi-use space.

“Something’s got to be done for that building. That building has had no major infrastructure updates other than a refrigeration system for the ice surface a number of years ago and so, if you’ve got facilities like this, you have to invest in them. That’s all there is to it,” said Finch.

Finch says one of the concerns at this point is the ability of the foyer to support a second level. He says the estimated cost is about $12 million but he also points out the renovations would take the building through the next 50 or 60 years.

And if a second level can be created that would allow more activities and generate more revenue.

Finch says South Huron Council will discuss the project and particularly the possibility of putting a second level over the foyer, at their next council meeting.
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