local transportation services happy about extension of grant program
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Local transportation services happy about extension of grant program

Huron Shores Area Transit and several other similar services in Southwestern Ontario were very happy on Monday to hear that the Strategic Transit Investment Office had approved an extension of two years for the Community Transportation Grant program.

That funds small inter-community transportation services in Southwestern Ontario.

Huron Shores Transit Coordinator Charles Fitzsimmons says most of that funding was scheduled to run out in a year and a half.

“Their sunset date was to be March 31st, 2023 but it has now been extended two more years, with the funding to match at the same level, so this is a new lease on life to these services that were born during the pandemic, so they’ve struggled,” says Fitzsimmons.

Fitzsimmons adds the first six months has given time to work out some of the bugs but as the Province begins to open up they’re looking forward to having passengers.

Information about the service and schedules can be found on the Huron Shores Area Transit website.
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