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Fanshawe to offer local welding course with safety protocols

Fanshawe College Student Engagement Representative, Kim Reid, says, at this point, it looks like they’ll still be following COVID-19 protocols for their Welding Techniques course in Tiverton in September.

“[We’re] still following COVID protocols, so theory portions of this course will be done online, we split them into individual groups, so specific numbers of students attend on site, while the other remainder of the group is doing their theory online and then they flip.

She adds students can expect to be at home for two to three days a week and in class the rest of the week and then flip for the second week. She adds, the course is an evening course, so the students start around 4:30 in the afternoon and to till around ten in the evening.

Reid also points out, there’s a lot of demand for welders right now.

It is an intro course, so there is applied math in the course, there’s health and safety, work place professionalism and then in addition to that, you do a blue printing for welders and then you touch on your shielded arc metal welding, your gas metal arc welding as well as some tungsten welding.

Students can register by contacting Kim Reid at kareid@fanshawec.ca and they can get more information about the Welding Techniques course at fanshawec.ca/huronbruce, under full-time post-secondary programs.
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