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Community Safety and Wellbeing Plan established

The United Way of Perth Huron has developed their Community Safety and Wellbeing Plan.

Stratford Social Services director Kim McElroy, says the plan will be implemented in communities throughout Huron and Perth Counties to make them “safer, more inclusive, and more resilient places”.

“The Community Safety and Wellbeing Plan is meant to bring those with individual mandates together as partners to find creative ways to deal with local issues and explore options. Sharing of information, less duplication, and greater efficiencies are all benefits of collaboration,” said McElroy.

She adds a big part of the implementation process will be a comprehensive communication strategy to roll out the plan to the public.

“Provide ongoing updates of the enhancements being made to our collective service delivery efforts to demonstrate to the public that this plan is not sitting on a shelf. We want the public to know what we are doing, what we hope to achieve, and how they can be part of the solution,” added McElroy.

Areas identified as a priority in the plan include affordable and attainable housing, health, social, and recreational services, and social inclusion. Committees will be established, and would help implement and oversee the plan.
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