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Huron County sifts through housing survey results

A Huron County Economic Development Officer says the 2021 County Housing Demand Survey confirmed a lot things they had suspected but also produced a few surprises.

Natasha Goudio Harrison says the survey consisted of some basic questions.

That included whether they currently lived in Huron County or outside of the county. Of the more than 400 responses they got, a significant number were from neighbouring counties, or cities like London, Kitchener or the GTA.

Goudio Harrison says the also asked about income and she says in most cases the gross household income was not enough to support what is currently on the market for rentals or for purchases.

Questions also covered housing preference.

“Number one was a single, detached house. People do really want to live in that low density, single detached home, so whether it’s a rental or a purchase. Second was a single detached house on a rural property or farm, so there’s a significant amount of people who are interested in that even lower density living situation,” said Goudio Harrison.

The survey also found that people who were looking for an apartment preferred an apartment building to living in a basement or spare room in a house.

One of the surprises in the survey was why people living outside of Huron County wanted to move into the county.

“The number one reason was to be near family, the second reason was to live near Lake Huron and nature. The third reason was for better quality of life and the fourth reason was to be near employment,” explained Goudio Harrison.

In the past, people would move for employment but now there is the ability to work from home.
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