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Huron County beginning more SWIFT projects for rural broadband connectivity

Huron County’s Ecomomic Development Director says work has already started on a project to bring high-speed internet to more Huron County families.

Cody Joudry says a couple of months ago, the county agreed to put up almost 2.8 million dollars on top of what they had already contributed to SWIFT and that allows ten new fibre-to-the-home projects to proceed.

“There’s a process that has to happen now in terms of those companies lining up all of the work that has to happen. So the work has already started, but all ten must be completed by June of 2023. So it’s adding 18-hundred, just over 18-hundred, homes and locations across the county, normally in, sort of, more rural settings, that will have broadband to a speed that they hadn’t had access to before.”

Joudry adds, getting that high-speed internet to some more isolated locations is still a challenge because as the population density decreases, the cost to each home increases significantly. But he says they are still working on getting funding for those more isolated locations.
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