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Huron County looking for feedback for “Planned Bayfield” project

Senior Huron County Planner, Denise Van Amersfoort, says they’re making progress on the Planned Bayfield project, but it’s a large project so it’s taking some time.

Van Amersfoort says there is a second round survey that’s available now at connectedcountyofhuron.ca.

“You’re looking for ‘Planned Bayfield’, which is the name of the project. On that site, you’ll find a video that explains what we heard in the first round, what some of our earlier ideas are and then we encourage you to take the survey so that we have your feedback.”

Van Amersfoort says they’re still working on a variety of issues, some of the very broad, like the future development of the village, while others are very specific. “One of the specifics is about a potential pedestrian crossing in the village over highway 21 and one of the survey questions is asking, at what intersection would you prefer that pedestrian crossing be located.”

Van Amersfoort says other changes relate to park spaces, possible changes to the permitted commercial uses downtown, looking at changing their approaches to highway commercial areas and then the residential forms a big part of the plan, so it’s a very comprehensive plan for the village. Van Amersfoort says they expect to release a first draft sometime this summer and they there will be an opportunity for more specific conversations after people have a chance to view the draft.
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