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New books by London-area authors offer variety for all readers’ tastes

Marley The Dreamer: Marley The Dreamer is the second offering in a popular series of children’s books that also includes Marley’s Dream Love by author Nichola Zacher. It takes the reader through an uplifting story about love and hope, and shows you all of the things Marley dreams of for her life. Self-published, Marley The Dreamer is available for $25.30 on amazon.ca or by messaging Zacher on her Facebook page.

The Case of the Murderous Dr. Cream: This book by true-crime writer Dean Jobb won’t be available until June 1 but tells the story of one of the most prolific serial killers of the Victorian era. Dr. Thomas Neill Cream grew up in Quebec City, graduated from McGill medical school and briefly practised medicine in London, Ont. He murdered as many as nine people in Canada, the U.S. and England. Published by HarperCollins Canada, it will be available June 1

Abducted in Alaska: This book by Darlene L. Turner is a romantic suspense story about a Canadian border patrol officer tasked with saving a young boy who has escaped from a child-smuggling ring.  Can the officer, joined by a police constable, protect the child and save the other children? Published by Love Inspired Suspense, a division of Harlequin, available in paperback ($6.99), ebook ($4.99) or in large print ($8.25) online at amazon.ca or chapters.indigo.ca and also in-store at Chapters stores and Creation Book Store, 900 Oxford St. East (curbside pick-up).

A Ring of Promises: Former Londoner Marie Elizabeth Gage’s debut novel is historical fiction inspired by the true story of her grandparents’ journey to settle in London through the characters of Will, a footman to a Scottish earl, and Janet, a nanny to a lord and lady. Will sets off for Canada in the early 1900s working as a logger in New Brunswick and eventually settling here and sending for Janet. Self-published, A Ring of Promises is available on amazon.ca in paperback ($19.99), ebook ($2.99) and large print ($29.43).

Sam: This novel by Ev Gaunt is romantic fiction that tells the story of a young woman who is troubled by her name, Sam, and her red hair, although she’s obsessed with discovering the origin of her name and then burdened by the information in a secret letter. Self-published, Sam is available for $24 at The Book Keeper (Sarnia), Habitat for Humanity Restores in Huron Country, The Gift Chest (Wingham), Made in Huron (Clinton), Fincher’s Book Store (Goderich), The Blyth Citizen (Blyth) and the Belgrave Coop (Belgrave). It is also available at amazon.ca in paperback ($15.95 U.S.) and ebook ( $6.49 U.S.)

100 Miles of Baseball: Fifty Games, One Summer: This book by Dale and Heidi Jacobs, of Windsor documents the pair’s decision to watch 50 baseball games within a 100-mile radius of their home in a bid to rediscover their love of the game. Among their stops is London’s Labatt Park. Published by Biblioasis, 100 Miles of Baseball is available online at all major book-selling websites for $24.95 in paperback and $15.19 ebook.

A Certain Kind of Sadness: This novel by Jillean McClory tells the story of Rachel Wharton who graduates from university and takes a job in another city, leaving behind her lifelong love, family and friends. The distance between Rachel and her lover creates pressures and tensions that leaves her questioning her decisions, especially after a betrayal. Published by Sands Press, A Certain Kind of Sadness is available at Chapters/Indigo, Oxford Book Shop, and online at all major book retailers in paperback ($19.99) and ebook ($8.70).

Poems From Quarantine: This is poet Kathleen Elizabeth Sumpton’s fourth book, a poetry anthology about the processes of life. For this book, Sumpton has reached into a “scrapbook of poetry brainstorms” or ideas she put away for a rainy day when the muse was hard to find. When the pandemic hit, Sumpton revisited the old ideas “to create a new outlook on the future.” Published by Tellwell Talent, Poems From Quarantine is available at amazon.ca in hardcover ($28.23), paperback ($22.09) and ebook ($9.99).

A Near Memoir: The latest offering from London’s first poet laureate, Penn Kemp, is a collection of poems celebrating Kemp’s life growing up in London. A Near Memoir is published by Beliveau Books and is available for $15 at beliveaubooks.wixsite.com/home/books or, for a signed copy, at pennkemp.weebly.com.

London’s Penn Kemp released a new collection of poems called A Near Memoir. The book features a painting of Kemp at age 14 by her father, artist James Kemp, which also hangs on a wall at her home in North London.
London’s Penn Kemp released a new collection of poems called A Near Memoir. The book features a painting of Kemp at age 14 by her father, artist James Kemp, which also hangs on a wall at her home in North London.

Booze and the Badge: Retired OPP officer Barry Ruhl’s book, edited by psychologist David Hoath, is an autobiography about his experiences as a police officer and addiction counsellor while struggling with his own addiction to alcohol. Booze and the Badge is published by Friesen Press and available online from major book retailers in hardcover ($31), softcover ($23.95) and ebook ($7.99).

Nine-Tenths Love: This novel by Londoner Cathie Gauthier tells the story of a mother, Annie, who goes on the 800-kilometre Camino de Santiago pilgrimage in Spain with her 28-year-old son, Jake. Her son is stable after six years battling schizophrenia and the purpose of the journey is to help him heal his shattered self-image. Published by Tellwell Talent, Nine-Tenths Love is available at amazon.ca in hardcover ($30.84), paperback ($20.88) and ebook ($7.99).



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