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Huron Student Honey program looking for volunteers

Huron Student Honey is looking for fresh volunteers this year.

Central Huron Community Improvement Coordinator, Angela Smith says their first year, last year, was a huge success, but only about two members of the crew are likely coming back because most of them have graduated and have moved away to launch their careers.

Smith says she’s hoping to get about ten new people on the crew. Age isn’t a factor, and she says so far they’ve had interest from a few retired people as well as a family with young children. She says the volunteers would help caring for the bees.

“There are medications that have to go into the hives on occasion and we check them to see that they have enough space in the hive, give them a fresh box, if there’s an opportunity to split a hive and create a new one. All sorts of learning opportunities.”

Smith says they don’t need any previous experience.

“They don’t need any prior experience. We have short video clips that are from the University of Guelph that give a really good little training sessions before we get started and then it’s hands-on learning and it’s very simple and it’s very addictive.”

She says once people have worked in a bee yard for a while, they tend to want one of their own.

Anyone interested in joining the Huron Student Honey team can contact Angela Smith at 519-476-5922 or email her at angela.smith@centralhuron.com.

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